Our Process

Our Process

Our job is to make your idea a reality. We have the tools, the professional acumen, and the urgency needed to get the job done. Years of experience in working with many clients have helped us to refine the process of making what you need.

How does an idea become a product? These are the steps that we follow:

  1. Discovery – We talk. What do you want and when do you need it? Do you have enough information to make a good decision? Can Dutro meet the need once the decision is made? These are the hard and simple questions we have to answer first. It can be started with an email but it cannot be completed without having a conversation. We’ve got time for that.
  2. Brainstorm – Now that the idea is out there and the big questions have been answered, what devils are in the details? How do we refine it? What are the specs required to make whatever you need better than anything else out there and what could be the hurdles that need to be overcome in making it happen. Here is where we get details down on paper.
  3. Engineering – We take all the details harvested in Discovery and Brainstorm to our engineers – and they have the design chops to move the idea forward. They measure, they test, they do the math. Engineering defines the timeline and the materials needed. Sometimes, they could send us back to brainstorm. But most of the time the real numbers come into focus as they sharpen pencils.
  4. Costing – Time to produce something is less fuzzy to configure than the materials required in any jobs. Raw materials are constantly in a state of price flux. This step is crucial to determining actual costs and future resale pricing. We have to get it right.
  5. Pre-Production – Your idea has now gone from just an idea to a good business plan. So what’s the timeline? We plan in step-by-step fashion all the details required to get your production goals defined.
  6. Delivery – Getting the final product to you on time, to spec, at a quality without exception, and on budget is the big goal. You’ll know what to expect every step of the way.

How long does it take to get through these steps? Realistically that can vary by the complexity of the project. But on average we get it done within 90 days.

Our interest is in making something successful for you. That’s determined by how often you re-order what you have created. That’s why we have to get all the above steps right the first time. When you  succeed, we succeed. That is why we take the above process so serious.