Stuff We Make

Dutro Heavy Duty Hand Trucks

Since 1945 we have produced our signature brand of commercial duty heavy steel hand trucks and carts. From standard floor dollies to the very best in appliance hand trucks we continually adjust our designs to the shifting needs of the commercial world. See our extensive catalog of commercial grade hand trucks and carts at

Trail Trailer Off-Road Adventure Trailers

Trail Trailer

Rugged go-anywhere off-road adventure trailers that are all Made-in-the-USA featuring a customizable modular design concept that is both flexible and affordable. We live, work and play in the off-road paradise of Utah, where the scenery never ends and the adventures are truly spectacular. We have enjoyed bringing our professional talents to our recreational passions. See this Dutro creation at

AutoTwirler Auto Rotisseries and Auto Body Carts

Auto Body Cart

Talk about your specialty stuff! Our AutoTwirler rotisseries are the industry standard for car rotisseries – tools designed to cradle the entire body of a car to allow it to be spun into any position. This allows access to every part of the vehicle so that extensive mechanical and paint adjustments can be made. These heavy-duty, all steel, custom crafted rotisseries and auto body carts make moving a large, heavy vehicle around the shop nearly effortless. Enjoyed by car restoration professionals, race ethusiasts and DIY mechanics from all over our AutoTwirlers are simply the best in the business.